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    Product Description
    Suspended platform cradle is a machine specifically designed for working at heights.It provides a safer and more efficient working platform for builders.Suspended platform cradle can be widely used in exterior wall repair,decoration,cleaning, and construction of bridges,chimneys,and large water tanks.
    Rated load
    Boost speed
    9-11 m/min
    Rated power
    Lift model
    Safety lock model
    Wire rope
    4x31SW+FC 8.3mm
    Platform material
    Aluminum and steel
    Work platform size
    Voltage and frequency can be customized according to customer requirements in different countries and regions
    Product Features
    1.Its design is reasonable,the working height,voltage and frequency can be changed according to the actual situation.
    2.It uses famous brand galvanized steel wire rope for high safety.
    3.Suspended platform cradle film is anti-corrosive (steel platform surface treatment can choose whether it is dynamic coating or thermal coating;the price will be different)
    Company Information
    Guangzhou Juta Electromechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a company integrating production,trade and rental.The company’s products mainly include construction elevators, cargo elevators,electric decoration baskets and other mechanical equipment.Our products are sold to Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia,the Philippines,Indonesia,India,Kenya, Panama,Honduras,the United Arab Emirates and other regions.Rope Suspended Platform price

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