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    Our History
    2 in 1 Technology Co,. Ltd which is a professional waterproof connector manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. We have established a mature production system with more than hundreds of experienced staff . There is no doubt that we have a strength development and research ability.
    Our Factory
    We have been developed into a professional scale manufacturer from the fierce market competitions in the waterproof connector filed.
    Our company has its own mold processing workshop, injection workshop and wire extruding production line. So that we can provide better services of customized connector, electronic wire and cable matching processing for customers.
    We have the international Marketing Department, the domestic market sales, design, research and development department, hr department, quality control department, material purchasing and rear-service department.
    Our Product
    Our main products covered water proof plug, water proof connector, water proof power cable. We have above 20 various models, which can provied thousands of connectors for our customers. We have IP68 series and IP67 series waterpoof connector, inculde M8 series, M12 series, M16 series, M18 series, M20 series, T type connector series etc.
    Product Application
    Our products are mainly used on LED Streetlight, power cable, display screen, driving power supply, environmentaltramway, city exterior lighting project, stage lighting, shipbuilding, mechanical indusry etc.
    Our Certificate
    UL, CE, Rohs, ISO9001, TUV, CQC, IP67, IP68 certification etc.
    Production Equipment
    Vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine, stripping machine, terminal machine, automatic cutting machine, Wire-drawing machine, Sheathing equipment, CNC milling machine, grinding machine, spark machine, etc.
    Production Market
    It is widely used for China LED light market, Also export toforeign market, Like USA, UK, French, Middle east, South Africa, Latin America etc.
    Our Service
    From customer enquiry, we start providespecific recommendationsfor customerbased on the actual situation of the customer, from production, to goods, and production. We will let the customer know the whole process. After the product is issued, it will also collect customer feedback, further improve the product, and maintain continuously customer satisfaction.Fast Connecting PVC Connector

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