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    Our Factory
    Wuxi Mingchenda Chemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the famous Wuxi Taihu Film and Television City Touring Area, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. After years of hard work, it has the ability to contract large equipment.
    Our Product
    Waste water evaporator, salt water wastewater evaporator, high pressure reaction kettle, electric heating (steam, oil) reaction pot (5L-10000L and rotating speed less than 1500 rev / min), fermenter, multi-function extraction tank, concentration tank, sedimentation tank, Crystallizing pot, emulsification pot, sterilizing pot, heat setting pot, vulcanization tank, steaming kettle, mixing series, sub-cylinder, storage tank, deaerator and water tank, crystal slicer.
    Workshop productionSalt Water Wastewater Evaporator manufacturers

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