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    Drive in racking is the most efficient shelf in heavy-duty racking, and through-shelf is suitable for storing large quantities of goods. Since the through-shelf requires the forklift to enter the shelf to access the shelf, you must pay attention to the width of the forklift.锛坒orklift width need less than 1.1meters).
    Drive through racking features
    1.Material:roll-form and structural steel;Shanghai Baosteel(Q235..)
    2.Color,size and capacity designed according to customer鈥檚 requirement
    3.Cargo storage ways: first -in -last- out , or first- in- first- out
    4.Surface treatment锛歵he surface coating adopts high-quality epoxy polyester powder produced.
    5.Transport packaging: PP film, multi-layered bubble film, If necessary, add cardboard or other to the edge to ensure less damage during transportation.
    Drive-in racking main component/Spare parts
    Top beam;top panel;back panel;upright;double bracket;single bracket;footplates,ect.
    Drive-in racking applicant industry
    Wholesale, cold storage and food, tobacco industry,etc.
    Our service
    Pre-sales service:
    1.Quick response to your requirements
    2.Free design and provide accurate quotes
    3.Make samples according to your requirements
    Post-sales service:
    1. Make sure the safe delivery of goods and provide relevant documents;
    2. Provide installation drawings,pictures,video materials etc., to ensure that the installation is correct
    3. Warranty period: 60 months.
    For detailed service system, please refer to our contract terms.Drive In Rack

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