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    Reddish, transparent and semi-transparent, high color strength
    Trade Name: Pyrazolone Orange G
    Color Index: Pigment Orange 13
    C.I.No. 21110
    CAS No. 3520-72-7
    EC No. 222-530-3
    Chemical Group: Disazo Pyrazolone
    Chemical Formula: C32H24CI2N8O2
    Application: Powder Coating and Textile Printing Paste.
    Features: Reddish, transparent and semi-transparent, high color strength
    Packing: 10kgs, 25kgs craft bag, 350-400kgs bulk bags with Carton box on pallet.
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, DP, CAD
    Delivery time: 7-15 days after order confirmation
    Physical, Chemical And Fastness Properties:
    Density (g/cm3)1.5
    Oil absorption (ml/100g)35-45
    Water soluble matter (%)鈮?.5
    PH Value6.5-7.5
    Heat Resistance (掳C)180掳C
    Light Fastness5-6
    Oil Resistance4
    Acid Resistance4
    Alkali Resistance4
    Water Resistance5
    Remarks: The above data is only for reference. The test is necessary before use.
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