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  • Lindajeon31 posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Dead End Strain Clamp
    Dead end strain clamp is suitable for overhead lines of 10kV and below. It fix Aluminum stranded wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, overhead insulated aluminum wire, overhead insulated steel core aluminum stranded wire on tension rod. If strain clamp is used in overhead insulated wire, it need work with insulation cover.
    Technical Specification
    ModelConductor Diameter mmDimension(mm)U-boltBreaking
    Load(kN)Approx. Weight(kg)
    1) The clamp has high strength and reliable grip. The grip strength of the clip is not less than 95% CUTS (the twisted wire calculates the breaking force).
    2) The stress distribution of the twisted pair of the clamp is uniform, and the strand is not damaged, which improves the anti-vibration ability of the strand and greatly prolongs the service life of the wire.
    3) Simple installation and easy construction. It can greatly shorten the construction time and can be operated by one person without any special tools.
    4) The installation quality of the clamp is easy to guarantee and can be inspected with the naked eye without special training.
    5) Good corrosion resistance and high quality materials. The material is exactly the same as the wire, ensuring that the clamp has strong resistance to electrochemical corrosion.
    6) Optional anti-theft ring to effectively solve the problem of anti-theft
    1) Effectively eliminate short-circuit accidents caused by small animals such as birds and animals and foreign objects;
    2) Prevent electrical accidents caused by condensation, smudging, and icicles;
    3) Prevent acid rain, salt spray and harmful chemical gases from corroding the transformer’s incoming and outgoing lines;
    4) Avoid personal injury or death caused by pedestrians accidentally touching bare electrical contacts;
    5) The protective cover and metering device are fully enclosed to prevent illegal molecules from stealing electricity;
    6) Fastened structure, easy to install and reusable
    Q1: Are you a factory or trading company ??
    A: We are a professional factory produce dead end strain clamp.
    Q2: Where is your factory located in?
    A: It is located in southern Zhejiang coastal area, China Electrical Capital- Liushi Town, Yueqing City.
    Q3: Shall we visit your factory?
    A: Surely, welcome! Any thing need we do help, just feel free to contact us.China Strain Clamp

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