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  • Lindajeon31 posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Product Name: Organic White Garlic
    Product ingredients: garlic
    Product features: spicy, crisp, delicious, spicy
    Edible: Ingredients Raw Food
    Taste: fresh and spicy
    Storage method: Store at room temperature (bathroom is better)
    Specification: 4-6.5cm
    Garlic belongs to agricultural products. The following is an explanation of organic agricultural products: organic agricultural products—-products produced and processed according to organic agricultural principles and organic agricultural production methods and standards, and certified by organic food certification agencies.
    Organic Agriculture and Organic Foods: Organic agriculture includes all agricultural production systems that promote environmental, social and economic development. Organic garlic is the garlic produced according to the standards of organic agricultural products. Organic garlic can promote blood circulation; egg yolk is rich in vitamin E, which can inhibit active acid and slow down blood vessels and skin aging. The combination of the two advantages can not only exert a good anti-aging effect (blood vessels and skin), but also have many benefits for the treatment or beauty of the cold.China Garlic Products factory

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