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    (1) Filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy. The pore size density of the filter element is uniform, and the filtration efficiency is more than 99%.
    (2) Low filtration resistance, large filtration flow, large pollution absorption and long service life. In the production process, the fiber diameter and clearance can be adjusted. The inner layer of the filter core is small and the outer layer is large, which increases the flow and pollution absorption.
    (3) High cleanliness, no pollution to water, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvents, corrosion.
    (4) High strength, when the difference of water pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter exceeds 0.4mpa, the filter element will not deform, and when the temperature exceeds 90鈩? the filtration efficiency will not decrease.
    (5) The product is highly hydrophilic and can absorb 10 times the weight of water after the modification of polypropylene, so it can be used for oil-water separation.
    (1) Filter element shall be selected according to the accuracy of filtering liquid and impurities contained in it. Viscous liquid can be filtered in the second stage and filtered in the first stage to reduce the resistance and extend the service life of filter element (generally 3-4 times).
    (2) Please install the filter element correctly. If water pollution is found, please carefully check whether the filter element is askew, and whether the two ends are strictly aligned and pressed.
    (3) When the pressure difference reaches 0.2mpa, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced.Wholesale PP Core

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