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    1.Company Achievement
    Zhuhai Tian Bo Printer Consumable Product Company Limited is the leading printer ribbon manufacturer and printer ribbon cartridge manufacturer in the aftermarket printer consumable products line. We have over 30 year鈥檚 experience in the development and production of compatible printer ribbon and printer ribbon cartridge. In 2013, our own brand 鈥淪TINGBULL庐鈥?was launched.

    2.Supply Capacity
    Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and is located in Fushan Industrial Zone, Zhuhai City, Guangdong province. As a professional manufacturer for original equipment, our company built highly efficient foundry production line, gaining experience in mass production. We have become the globally leading compatible printer ribbon, printer ribbon cartridge manufacturer and developer. We launched the continuous black printer ribbon for EPSON series in 2017. The monthly output of compatible printer ribbon and printer ribbon cartridge exceeds 3 million pieces and the exported volume reaches 2.2 million pieces. Our production capacity is at the forefront of the world. Up to the present, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions.
    Tianbo is the first manufacturer to realize unmanned machine production of printer ribbons and printer ribbon cartridges. We have used automated production lines with high production efficiency. Manual assembly, pressing, welding, and tape rewinding processes are all changed from manual production to machinery production. Through the use of automated production lines, the company’s supply capacity has been greatly improved.
    Tianbo has put technological innovation, superior quality and high customer satisfaction in first priority. Based on this value, we supply the most favorable printer ribbon and printer ribbon cartridge worldwide. There are about 3,000 kinds of products, including our specialized nylon ribbon and correctable film ribbon.

    3.Professional Teams
    3.1 Research and Development Team
    With the great effort from our professional R&D team, we successfully realized the gorgeous transformation from product processing to independent innovation and single product manufacturer, and then to vertical integration of industry chain.
    3.2 Sales Team

    4.Quality Control
    4.1 Raw Material Control
    The selection of imported raw material are the assurance of superior product quality.
    鈼廟ibbon: Using high quality PA66 raw material imported from Japan
    鈼廔nk: Using high quality ink material imported from Japan and the United States
    鈼廜uter Shell: Using high-quality ABS, POM raw materials imported from South Korea
    4.2 Product Testing
    To ensure the printer ribbon and printer ribbon cartridge’s high performance, we have rigorously tested the ribbon material.
    (pc/cm虏)Linear Density
    (pc/cm虏) Pulling
    StrengthAnti-shedding ForcePH ValueCharacter
    (10K. Draft)
    5.Service Capability
    5.1TianWei OEM Service
    Tianwei Group’s foundry service represents high-standard, high-quality, high-performance printing consumable products. You only need to provide brand authorization, and you can produce it by Tianwei Group, an printing consumables expert of 36 years experience. You can use the Tianwei OEM logo, factory address and anti-counterfeit trademark on the product to improve your product quality and brand strength and achieve win-win cooperation.
    5.2 Brand Foundry Services
    You only need to provide your own brand information (such as packaging design, LOGO, product information, anti-counterfeit trademark, etc.). We can change the ordered product to your own brand, and ship directly to your hands. All the processes are completed by us.
    5.3 Differentiated Products
    We supports customization of various high quality differentiated products. Clients can customize products which are more suitable for customers’ use or sales.
    6.Quality Assurance
    鈼廤e are ISO9001:2008 certified and ISO14001:2004 certified.Label Ribbon Cartridge China

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