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    Replacement for D4WS/D4WSC/D5S/D5Z/D5SC/D5WS/D5WZ/D5WSC/B4WS/B4WSC/B5S
    Engine Model:Diesel
    Place of Origin:China
    Warranty:12 Months
    Package:Neutral Package or Customized Package
    MOQ:1 Set
    video description:
    Product introduction:
    ● Working principle
    The air parking heater is an electrically controlled heater which is driven by the fan and oil pump. It is oil-fueled and uses the air as a media. By driving the impeller with the fan, it realizes the burning of oil in the combustion chamber. Then the metal shell will release heat. Under the action of external impellers, the metal shell and the flowing air have continuous heat exchange, finally heating the whole space.
    ● Scope of application
    The running of the air parking heater is free from the influence of engine. It can realize quick heating and its installation is easy, which makes it to be widely used in different fields like transportation vehicles, recreational vehicles, engineering machinery and crane.
    ● Usage and functions
    Preheating, defrosting window glass and heating and insulation of moving cab and cabin
    ● Situations where air heater is not recommended to install
    In living room, garage, weekend house or hunting lodge without ventilation equipment, long time heating shall be avoided to prevent the risk of poisoning of waste gas generated by burning. It shall not be used in places with combustible gas and combustible dust. No living body (human or animal) shall be heated or dried. Direct blow shall be avoided to heat items and hot air shall not be blown directly into a container.
    ● Installation instructions
    Installation personnel are responsible to install the product on the vehicle. Safety measures shall be taken during installation. For example, if you need to weld or drill on a vehicle, please refer to the instructions of vehicle manufacturer.
    ● Installation of filter element
    Before installation of filter element, fill it will oil and tighten it to prevent leakage. The oil pipe clamp shall be tightened to prevent leakage; otherwise, it may affect burning effect.
    The heater must be used within the application scope specified by the manufacturer and it must be installed and used by following the user manual. Our company will be responsible for any damage resulted by incorrect installation and wrong operation.
    Safety instructions for product installation and operation:
    ● Placement of the air heater
    Please make sure that the heat-sensitive components of the heater will not be affected by the high temperature or damaged. Protective measures must be taken to avoid personal injury or components damage.
    ● Fuel supply
    ① Neither the oil tank nor the oil inlet shall be located in the driving cab or passenger compartment. The cover of the oil tank must be tightened to avoid outflow. If there is fuel leakage in the oil system, the product shall be returned to the vendor immediately for repair.
    ② The supply of fuel for the heater and the vehicle shall be separated.
    ③ The heater shall be turned off during refueling.
    ● Exhaust gas system
    ① The exhaust outlet must be installed outside the vehicle to prevent the exhaust gas from entering the driving cab through ventilation device, warm air inlet or window.
    ② The exhaust outlet must be free of flammable items and avoid heating or igniting combustible items on the ground.
    ③ While the heater is running, the surface of the exhaust gas pipe may be very hot; therefore, it shall be away from heat-sensitive components, and special attention shall be paid to fuel pipes, electric wires, rubber items, combustible gas and brake hose.
    ④ The exhaust gas is harmful to human. It is prohibited to sleep in the vehicle while the heating is running.
    ● Air inlet for combustion
    The air inlet cannot take in the combustion air in the driving cab for heater combustion. It must take in clean and fresh circulating air outside the vehicle to ensure oxygen content. Exhaust air of the heater or other parts of the vehicle must be prevented from entering the air inlet for combustion. Meanwhile, the air inlet must not be covered by any item.
    ● Heating air inlet
    ① Protective fence shall be installed at the inlet to avoid foreign matters from disturbing the running of the fan.
    ② The heating air consists of fresh circulating air.
    ● Installation components
    Only original accessories and components can be used for installation and repair. The key components of the heater must not be replaced. It is prohibited to use parts and components from other manufacturers without consent from our company.
    Please note:
    1. While the heater is running, it shall not be stopped by turning off the power. To increase the service life of the device, please turn off the switch and wait till the heater cools down and stops. In case of power failure while the heater is running, please power it on immediately and turn the switch to any position to release heat.
    2. The positive pole of the main power must be connected to the positive pole of power source.
    3. No switch shall be connected to the cable bundle.
    Q1: Are you manufacturer?
    Yes, we are a factory and trading combination for more than 10 years. And we have invested in 8 factories.
    Q2: What kind of guarantee of your products?
    All of our products with ISO/TS16949 approved, 1 year quality warranty. Each product will be tested to ensure 100% workable before shipment. Quality and customers’ satisfaction is our first concerns.
    Q3: How about the delivery time of the goods?
    For testing sample, which it depends on the storage.
    For bulk production, the delivery time is about 7-30 days based on order situation.
    Q4: Do you accept customized orders?
    Yes. OEM & ODM Orders are highly welcome.
    Package: Neutral package
    Customer’s design package: customer’s own design box with own brand name
    Engraving or printing logos in the body of sensors are acceptable.Heater Glow Plugs suppliers

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