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    High temperature PET protective film is a kind of PET protection film, also known as high-temperature polyester film, with about 180 degrees of high-temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless products, strong fire resistance, not easy to break and other excellent characteristics, so it is widely used in various fields.
    1. High temperature resistant polyester film.
    It has excellent physical and chemical properties, dimensional stability, transparency and recyclability. It is cold resistant (–70 degree), heat resistant (+200 degree), and has excellent corrosion resistance and shrinkage stability. Waterproofing membrane transparent film
    2. PET protective film is a relatively comprehensive packaging film.
    It has good transparency and luster, good air tightness and aroma retention, moderate moisture resistance, moisture permeability at low temperature decreased. High temperature PET protective film has excellent mechanical properties, its strength and toughness is the best of all thermoplastic, tensile strength and impact strength than the general film is much higher; and good stiffness, size stability, suitable for printing, paper bags and other secondary processing.
    3. Excellent chemical resistance and oil resistance.
    But it is not strong alkali resistance; easy to carry static electricity, there is no appropriate anti-static method, so in the packaging of powder goods should be noted.

    Structure and Technical Parameters

    * Screen and panel protection;
    * Temporary transfer and fixation of electronic products;
    * Surface protection in the course of product transportation;
    * FPC, SMT process protection, shipment packing.
    Quality Control
    Check raw materials in production, including thickness, hardness, transparency, etc.
    Professional and technical personnel on-site control process and parameters
    Testing the stability of products with advanced equipment;
    1) Humidity and high and low temperature test
    2) Peel strength test
    All products are required to have qualified test reports before they can leave the factory.
    Our Advantages
    1.Advanced Testing Equipment

    2. Short delivery time
    We guarantee that your order will be delivered in 12 working days after we receive your offical order or deposit
    3. Environment friendly
    The production of PE mesh protective film has CTI certificate.
    4. Professional service
    We works closely with its clients providing technical assistance during and after the use of our products, and is dedicated to provide a prompt service to its clients and responding to all their needs.
    5. Long term business partners
    Because of the high quality and professional service, we have many long-term business partners.
    PET Protective Film

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