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    Driving Moto1.5Kw(Inverter Control)1.5Kw(Inverter Control)1.5Kw(Inverter Control)
    Processing Speed200-300Pcs/min200-300Pcs/min200-300Pcs/min
    Inside Diameter3.8mm4.8mm5.8mm
    Length Of Straight Straw155鈭?45mm190鈭?60 mm190鈭?60 mm
    Length of Flexible Straw140鈭?35 mm175鈭?45 mm175鈭?45 mm
    Straw Wall Thickness0.2卤0.02mm0.15卤0.02mm0.15卤0.02mm
    Top Section Length30-50mm(Adjustable)30-50mm(Adjustable)30-50mm(Adjustable)
    Length of flex. Part8-11mm(Adjustable)8-11mm(Adjustable)8-11mm(Adjustable)
    Dimension (LxWxH)15x18x16cm15x18x16cm15x18x16cm
    鈥籆orrect specifications depend on the actual model. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
    Drinking straw bending machine suit mould, bending different length straw, benging machine simple design, easy operate.
    1. Inveter control straw packing machine speed, save power, ECO and save cost.
    2. Suit to pack drinking straw
    3. Warrant is one year, machine can running nonstop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    4. Machine with simple design, easy operate
    5. Machine is economic design, suit for new beginer or starters
    6. Afford after sale service, can send engineer to buyer factory,to install machine and afford training service.
    7. We are welcomed customers Customized machines or OEM design.Drinking Straw Syphon Making Machine suppliers

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