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    Lidding Film
    With 25 years development and 100% focus on flexible packaging industry, our tailor-made techncial team has in-depth knowledge of the various tray & cup sealing equipment in use. We employ our special production control processes to ensure that tray and film are perfectly matched within very tight specifications. Print & matte duration and performance, Peel strength, Product sterilization methods, Product respiration rates and resealability all play a part in lidding films custom satisfaction.
    Haide / Color Leader lidding films maintain the quality and freshness of products in with up-to-date barrier material. This can be either through oxygen exclusion (Nitrogen filling) with barrier lidding film for cooked & cured meats, fresh meat, fish, poultry and dairy. Also we could supply the packaging to meet the request from various perforation techniques by balancing oxygen condition for whole and prepared salads, fruit and vegetables. We offers a wide range of lidding films with Barrier/ Retort PET/PA, EVOH, OPP and CPP or LLDPE lined trays and thermoform base webs. A number of options are offered although our products with customers decades long to development innovative approaches and techniques
    ●Wide seal temperature range performance because of lower seal initiation temperature.
    ●Superior seals to PP trays.
    ●Proprietary sealant blend provides excellent seal through contamination.
    ●Elastic properties provide superior resistance to failures at room temperature or frozen conditions.
    ●Peelable mechanism with no residue, hot or cold.
    ●FDA Direct Food contact.
    ●Solvent free process, ensures the films are odor free and contamination free.
    ●Designed for microwave reheating.
    Lidding films from Haide / Color Leader Packaging are designed to suit each customer request application by engineering film selection, surface handling and lamination design. We use a variety of research techniques to ensure each specific trays and lid films are matched. This gives optimum performance by promoting the efficiency and effectively reducing waste in return. Our in-house tray testing laboratory replicates the product packing conditions by exactly method, temperature and pressure.
    On the basis of product type, the lidding films are segmented into:
    Cup lidding films
    Tray lidding film

    On the basis of material used, the lidding films are segmented into:
    Polyethylene (PE)
    Polypropylene (PP)
    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
    Function by different Lidding Films:
    ●Economical solution with thin and resilient structure
    ●High-definition print
    ●Matte & glossy (Reverse print)
    ●Easy sealing and peeling
    ●Variety of High barrier film selection
    ●Perfect and fine matte Vanish or Gloss effort provide best brand promotion
    ●Antifog effect application
    High barrier coated, extruded or sheet materials in flexible packaging laminations prevent the permeation of water, water vapor, oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas, oil, day light or UV light. A product’s nature can be impacted adversely if these elements migrate into or out of the package.
    Haide / Color Packaging also have expertise in engineering non-foil high-barrier flexible packaging materials using sophisticated coextruded film laminations. We cooperated with Japanese high barrier main suppliers like DNP, Unitika, Kuraray, Mitsubishi, etc. for decade who supply a variety of specialized top quality and stable high barrier retort laminates level film.

    Haide / Color Leader Packaging lidding roll film is suitable for follow industries,
    Fresh food: Salad, Sauced food, Nuts, Organic food, Confectionery, Cookies, Cereal, powder, Jelly, etc.
    refrigerated food: Meat, Seafood, Vegetable & fruit, Meat & sausage, cheese, etc.
    Liquid & drinks: Water, milk, yoghurt, jelly, soup, etc.
    Pet food & Pet snack
    Type and other names:
    Lidding film & roll / Custom Printed lidding film roll stock / Clear Barrier Llid / Foil Lidding Film
    Structure and Multi-layer lamination:
    2 layers: (matte ink) Barrier PET / PA, ink and LLDPE/CPP easy peel
    3 layers: (matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, Barrier PET / PA / VMPET / EVOH/ AL and LLDPE/CPP easy peel
    Kraft paper
    4 layers: (matte ink) PET / PA / BOPP, ink, Kraft, Barrier PET / PA and LLDPE / CPP easy peel
    Lidding Film

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